This review is from The Planet of Success: "I believe 'Planet of Success' is an excellent book for children. My nephew loves the book and the characters like Pencil Penny, Mr. Zero and Eraser Elroy. When kids have books they enjoy reading, it really helps their reading skills and makes them want to read more. I recommend this book to any who has kids."


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Marcus Dino

Marcus Dino is the author of “Fifi,” a fiction book for young adults about a young struggling actress determined to conquer Hollywood, no matter what the odds are.  Marcus is a graduate of Chapman University and has also received Masters Degrees in Education and Engineering.  Marcus currently teaches mathematics at a Los Angeles area middle school.  He also has been an adjunct professor in mathematics at Devry University.  Previous to teaching, Marcus worked as an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry.  Marcus is also a  ‘film buff’ and it was his love for movies that lead him to write ‘Fifi.’   ‘Fifi’ has appeared at numerous book fairs around the world, including the London Book Fair, the Miami Book Fair, and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.  Marcus currently lives in Arcadia, California.  More links on Marcus Dino can be found at www.authorsden.com/marcusdino.



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Shirley Woods

Shirley is a graduate of Northridge University and received her masters degree in Urban Planning from Pepperdine University. She spent time working as a studio-set-teacher for the Movie Industry. Shirley worked on such films as “Punk," “South Central” and numerous movies of the week for television, such as “The Nickelodeon Series” and “Kids Incorporated”. This experience leads her to organize and direct “The Youth and Film Awards” sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter. Her affiliations to certain organizations such as Women in Film, Writers Boot Camp and Alliance of Black Entertainers and Technicians landed her as a host of a cable network show entitled “The Who’s Next TV Show” for Broadband. Working for the Movie Industry inspired Shirley to write. Added to her credits, she has written three original screenplays and a television pilot. Shirley is presently employed with The Los Angeles Unified School District. She teaches mathematics for Middle School. Shirley enjoys educating our youth on all levels, through inspirational stories of communication and life skills. More links on Shirley Woods can be found at  www.authorsden.com/shirleywoods


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